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Post-Op Facial Wraps

Facial Wraps are a great way to provide convenient, hands-free cold therapy and post surgical compression.


Hot / Cold Therapy Facial Wraps provide Pressure & Stabilization to the Maxillary, Mandibular, TMJ & Facial areas Post-Op following wisdom tooth removal, reconstructive jaw surgery and dental implants.  Your choice of Hot or Cold gel packs address acute and chronic pain, often experienced post surgery. 

  • Non toxic
  • will not leak 
  •  Form fitting
  • light weight

 Post Surgical  Facial Supports are easy to apply and offers compression throughout the contour of the face and neck.

  • Helps eliminate edema and bleeding
  • Ensures even compression
Arnica Montana 30x
Price: $11.99

Quick dissolving pellets packed in easy to use multidose tube...Contains approximately 80 pellets.  

Description: For centuries, Arnica montana, a mountain daisy, (Common name: Leopard's bane) has been known for its vulnerary action, used to treat trauma and bruises.

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T-400 Cold Therapy Gel Pack
Price: $2.15

Ice Pack - 3" x 5"

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T-420 Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Pack
Price: $2.40

Reusable Gel Pack - 3" x 6"

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T-425 Green Peas Hot/Cold Pack
Price: $2.45

3" x 6" Hot or Cold Therapy Pack

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T-750 Jaw Cold Wrap with Adjustable Pockets
Price: $16.35 - $16.90

Facial Wrap with Adjustable Pockets and Cold Therapy Gel Packs

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T-800 Jaw Relief Wrap
Price: $15.60 - $18.10

 Soft Stretch Wrap and Theraputic Gel Packs

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T-800C TMJ/Facial Wrap w/Chin Cup
Price: $15.60 - $22.50

Cool Jaw Soft Stretch Wrap with Chin Cup and Thermal Gel Packs

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T-807 Wisdom Teeth / Jaw Econo Wrap
Price: $14.10 - $17.60

Cool Jaw Econo Wrap and Therapeutic Gel Packs

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T-850C High Compression Facial/TMJ Wrap
Price: $18.10 - $20.60

Cool Jaw Soft Stretch Wrap with Chin Cup and Four Clear Gel Packs

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T-900C Jaw Wrap with Split Strap
Price: $16.10 - $18.60

 Thermal Therapy and Custom Fit with Split Strap and Chin Cup 

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T-118 Neck and Facial Support
Price: $23.50 - $24.50

Two Strap Compression Wrap with Ear Openings

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T-124 Two Strap Neck/Facial Support
Price: $23.50 - $24.50

Full Neck and Ear Coverage

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UCN-100 Universal Chin and Neck Bandage.
Price: $24.00

Facial Wrap with Full Neck Compression 

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T-875W Facial Otoplasty Band
Price: $18.50

Universal  Facial Compression for Otoplasty,Brow Lift, Forehead Lift etc.

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