Cold Ca$h Affiliate Program for Dentists and Oral Surgeons

Earn additional revenue! Offer your patients the ability to purchase Cool Jaw products directly from your website.

As a Cool Jaw® Cold Ca$h partner you now can direct patients to your exclusive “Accelerate the Healing…Recovery Shop” on your website. Upon clicking, they will land on your personal selection of recovery related products to choose from including Hands-free Cold Therapy™ and Hot/Cold Gel Packs. Cool Jaw’s extensive Customer Care team will assist your patient and will both ship and bill your patients directly. Quarterly you will receive 20% of the net sales made from your “Accelerate the Healing…Recovery Shop” page. You will have the ability to conveniently track your sales, Cool Jaw® provides you with all the tools.

Benefits to you:

  • Increased monthly revenue directly to you
  • Assurance that the recovery aids you specify will be available to your patient encouraging compliance
  • Additional support service to offer your patients and enhanced patient loyalty
  • No hassles with inventory, shipping, returns or credit card processing

Benefits to your patients:

  • Convenient access to the industry’s best post-op therapy products
  • Patient Post-Op Instructional Videos
  • Private, secure online ordering
  • The best in support service and shipping services
  • The quality and items that are “Doctor specified”, especially for their needs
  • Peace of mind with direct shipping to the patient

Cool Jaw® Cold Ca$h As easy as 1 2 3…

How it Works:

  1. Have your patients visit your site and visit your “Accelerate the Healing…Recovery Shop” page. Here they see your chosen items featured and can prepare for recovery.
  2. Cool Jaw® processes their orders, provides customer service, bills and ships directly to your patients.
  3. Quarterly you share the profits, receiving a check for 20% of net sales! Proven patient loyalty builder.

View Earnings Summary:

  1. Tailored for the oral surgery practice, Cool Jaw® helps you create and implement a personalized marketing plan, then track it. Everything you need for FREE!
  2. Complete visible access to your recovery site with your secure log in.
  3. No billing. Automatically receive quarterly payments, direct to you along with Cold Ca$h report.

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