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30% of the US population … 60 million Americans … suffer from TMJ dysfunction.  What Helps minimize the pain?

Total TMJ Xray

 Applying heat or cold gel packs are the most basic treatments for TMJ; and a great place to start:

In a survey conducted by the TMJ Association and the Medical College of Wisconsin (MCW) targetingTemporomandibluar Joint Disorders (TMD), hot and cold compresses to the jaw were found to be the number one most effective and most frequently used pain therapy or treatment.

In addition the research paints a very specific portrait of those afflicted. 90% of those patients surveyed were women, 96% Non-Hispanic White. 70% employed. Stress, Teeth Clinching and Trauma overlap as the primary perceived causes of TMJ Disorders. In addition to TMD pain, almost always these individuals also suffered from Headaches and Allergies.

Of the 46 treatments outlined, 91% of respondents chose thermal therapy (hot or cold compresses) to treat their TMD pain. 74% of the respondents reported reduction of symptoms after applying thermal treatment.

Arnica Montana 30x
Price: $11.99

Quick dissolving pellets packed in easy to use multidose tube...Contains approximately 80 pellets.  

Description: For centuries, Arnica montana, a mountain daisy, (Common name: Leopard's bane) has been known for its vulnerary action, used to treat trauma and bruises.

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T-420 Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Pack
Price: $2.40

Reusable Gel Pack - 3" x 6"

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T-800C TMJ/Facial Wrap w/Chin Cup
Price: $15.60 - $22.50

Cool Jaw Soft Stretch Wrap with Chin Cup and Thermal Gel Packs

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T-410 Cold Therapy Gel Pack
Price: $2.10

Ice Pack - 3" x 4"

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T-460 Oval Hot/Cold Pack
Price: $7.95

Thermal Therapy - 10.25" x 5.25"

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UCN-100 Universal Chin and Neck Bandage.
Price: $24.00

Facial Wrap with Full Neck Compression 

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